Thursday, January 27, 2011,

Congratulations to Crystal and Phil Gill, (Phil is the publisher of the Business Card book and knows everyone) they had a wonderful ceremony at St. Clare's on Nelson Ave in S.I.  We all were treated to a phenomenal experience at the Westwood Catering Hall in Garwood N.J. The staff there did a fabulous job which exceeded my expectations and as a photographer looking back I must say that the Maitre'D Joe was among the best I worked with in years.  He offered to help me in every way possible and if he was so concerned with an outside photographer from New York it does not surprise me at all that they were voted one of the top ten caterers by 

Bamboo lined path at Adashino Nembutsu-ji temple in Kyoto, Japan -- Rudy Sulgan/Corbis ©

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I love the New Year!   Time to think out of the box, plan ahead, make changes and re-invent yourself...
What FUN!!  You're excited about your wedding, your life, your music and so are we...  Please include us
in your lifestyle... we want to share your special days...  they deserve to be captured and preserved forever.   Call 718 273 2130 and ask to speak to the man with the camera in his hands.  

Pine Marten peeking from an ice hole -- James Urbach/Photolibrary ©

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Anemonefish swimming in a pink anemone off the coast of the Republic of Palau -- Robinson Ed/Photolibrary ©

Goulet's Part 2

Fun with the Goulet's Part 1

We had the pleasure of photographing two amazing people/friends in our lives. Dan and Sue Goulet were expecting their first child (baby girl) and I just couldn't wait to see to see who she would look like. She was due December 18th but like any other girl she was very stubborn and decided to enter into this world on December 31st. Here are a few pictures of the Goulet's pre baby. Enjoy!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011,,

My first cameras were a Instamatic, (around the forth grade) Polaroid swinger (around the fifth and sixth grade) and my fathers Exacta w/ a waist level viewer when ever I could borrow it. In 1973 a friend sold me his Minolta 101 with 3 lenses and when that broke my Dad brought me a Nikomat EL w/ 50 mm 1.4 lens. ( That started my long love affair with Nikon Cameras )  April 1, 1977 I brought myself a Lecia CL (the year they discontinued that model ) and I started my 10 year self assignment " The Etching Room"

For events and professional portraits I worked with Hasselblads and when I finally turned to digital toyed with Nikons but eventually went Canon all the way.

Sunday, January 2, 2011,

Cipriani Wall Street stands as a triumph of Greek revival architecture, as well as a grand and luxurious venue for events. This New York landmark served as the home of the New York Merchants Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange, the United States Customs House, and the headquarters of the National City Bank. Framed by monolithic columns, Cipriani Wall Street features a 70-foot ceiling with a Wedgewood dome. Impeccable attention to detail, the finest cuisine and classic service sets the stage for the most sought after social experiences.