Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Tracking the numbers of reunions that we have been doing over the years we notice that the trend is for less reunions and with less attendance.  Blame the internet.  With FACEBOOK and other sites at a click of a mouse, people are connecting with past friends all the time and perhaps it's not as meaningful to actually
GET TOGETHER !  But we beg to differ, a parties a party!   Why miss out on the FUN?  These are your classmates, some you don't know, some you won't recognize but they shared your space and breathed your air in High School.  You all came form the same place and it's so interesting to find out how different your lives turned out to be.   I'm happy to say the the two reunions we covered on Saturday both had over 100 guests and memories were made that will not soon be forgotten... 

Fine Art Fotos & Video is now incorporating VIDEO COVERAGE on some of our Reunion Events at no extra fee courtesy of Chris Yamamodo, I mean Raimonto.  Please visit www.EventsByFlint.com to view all your photos on our gallery.

Donkey looking over an ancient rock wall in Ireland -- Ryan Donnell/Corbis ©

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Brandice and Matt are in LOVE, it's clearly evident by the way they look at each other, the way they hold each other, the way that they are so comfortable with each other-  Even with a walk in the park, this couple leaves a trail of fun and passion at every stop-  What a wonderful way to be- Happy and Carefree!  You're young, you're engaged, you got a good photographer to capture the mood... ENJOY!