Thursday, December 29, 2011

“The Knot” best of weddings winner
Brides choice awards winner –
“Top 100 independent restaurants” – Restaurant Hospitality Magazine
“America’s top 100 restaurants” – Restaurants and Institutions Magazine
“Best of the best” place to get married – Asbury Park Press Readers’ choice awards
“A “long driveway” takes you into a “world of magic” at this Shrewsbury traditional American set in a “beautiful” Georgian Mansion on a “sprawling” estate; the “utterly elegant”, “fairy-tale” location and “old-world” ambiance make it an “experience to remember” and a natural site for “weddings” – Zagat Survey

My last wedding of the year was for Brandice and Matt at the beautiful Shadowbrook on Route 35 in Shrewsbury, NJ 07702 just south of Red Bank.  Call them at 732 747 0200. 
Third generation of restaurateurs & hoteliers
Owners Robert and Ronnie both grew up in Lakewood, NJ, where they went through the Lakewood school system. Robert attended the renowned Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, graduating with honors and being a member of Ye Hosts Honorary Society.  Ronnie spent her college years on the East Hill of Ithaca at Ithaca College.  Robert began working at an early age in his parents hotels in both Lakewood and Bradley Beach, while playing on Lakewood State Championship Basketball Teams.  Robert worked at every position both front and back of the house.
Robert and Ronnie started working together managing a famous seashore restaurant and club during their summer breaks from college.  Robert and Ronnie married in 1971 and later that year purchased Shadowbrook with Robert’s dad and brother.  They have developed Shadowbrook into the landmark that it is today, acquiring sole possession in 1985.  Robert and Ronnie support and contribute their time and resources to many local, state and national charities and organizations.  They are willing to help anyone in need and through Shadowbrook, assist scores of charities each year. They have been honored by many organizations for their community work.  Each year they donate meals to over 1,000 children with cancer for the Francis Foundation.
Robert and Ronnie would like to thank their dedicated family of employees at Shadowbrook for their support.  They have employees that have been with them since 1971. There are over a dozen employees with over 20 years of service and over a dozen with over 10 years of service.  Because of their employees, they have been able to obtain the time and resources to help others!
Robert and Ronnie live in Holmdel, NJ and have two daughters, Ali and Daryl, both Cornell University Hotel School graduates. The family shares interests in sports and vintage sports and racing cars. The Zweben’s travel extensively and attend food events all over the world. They incorporate new ideas in d├ęcor, cuisine and service that are culled from their experiences. The Zweben Family’s goal is to provide a menu, a service and an ambiance that are unsurpassed for you special occasions. Their dedication to excellence is evident in every aspect of Shadowbrook.

Hall of State, Dallas, Texas (© Matt Pasant/Getty Images)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Geranium 'Johnson's Blue' was the first of the brilliant blue geraniums to catch gardeners' eyes. The Royal Horticultural Society gave it the Award of Garden Merit (AGM). The blue of its flowers is hard to photograph and is always more startling when you actually see the plant. The flower stalks can grow quite tall and will droop under the weight of the blossoms. Most gardeners don't bother to stake them, since it is still an attractive plant, even with its floppy habit. The flowers should be cut back after the first bloom, to get sporadic repeat blooms. Often the whole plant can begin to look scraggly and a good shearing is needed to totally rejuvenate it. 'Johnson's Blue' geranium is drought tolerant. It blooms best in full sun, but appreciates some afternoon shade in hot, dry areas. It's very disease resistant and a magnet for bees and butterflies.

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Lake Como, Italy (© SIME/eStock Photo)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Having a studio in the North Shore Business District has been very good to me.   Often times I am working up to 11:30 pm - 12 am.  This past Halloween I was heading home and I saw a mob of  bloody ZOMBIES heading the other way and I regret not stopping to take photos.   Last night I heard a ruckus and looked out the window to see a long line of SANTA CLAUSES parading in the middle of the street so I grabbed my point and shoot and ran 5 blocks to catch up with them.  Some guys really know how to have fun...

Fire in fireplace (© Tetra Images/SuperStock)

Friday, December 23, 2011,

Another Indian Engagement ceremony and reception.  Personally I enjoy photographing in one's home the best, while I love being at Catering Halls, the freedom I am allowed at someone's house is just like being part of the family.

More and more I am seeing modern uses of technology, not only does everyone have cameras but electronic devises such as Ipads and Iphones make it very easy for someone in another country (in this case India) to take part in the ceremony and rituals in a major way!  

I do try to travel overseas when ever possible but at least my line of work permits me to experience
firsthand different cultures and religions.   The more I know about the people I photograph the better I can do my job and the more I will be in demand... And I do feel privileged to be trusted, with such respect comes great responsibility.