Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Gate

A gate on a farm in Douglas County Oregon. Editing included a Photoshop plug-in filter called Monday Morning.

The Gate

Its been a long time since I've posted to my photo blog. I'm feeling the urge again. We'll see where it goes. I haven't taken many new photos so may just do some "best of" for now.

March 26, 2011 - Jamie & Melissa Hill

Jamie and Melissa were married on a cold but very sunny March day. We haven't known them long, but upon first meeting them, you can without a doubt feel the love they have for each other. Shane had the pleasure of being second shooter and capturing some of the moments from their day.

Barley field in the golden evening light -- Giesbert Kühnle/Photolibrary ©

Monday, May 30, 2011


Staten Island's Newest Fine Dining Experience, Il Sogno Restaurant is located in Annadale at 26 Jefferson Blvd.   The private party I attended was for Juliana's Confirmation and I must say the Eclectic Dinner Menu was quite fitting for an Ristorate Italiano.  I couldn't pass up the Surf and Tuff with the house wine. AND the music was outstanding.  Sal LoCascio sings to the heart and soul of an audience. His unique ability to capture the style and sound of the original recording artist has his audiences applauding song after song and has coined the phrase, One Man / One Voice.  Enjoy either lunch or dinner (even take out) but call 718.356.7800 to find out when the singer/entertainer will be there.

Palacio de Cristal, located in Buen Retiro Park, Madrid, Spain -- Krzysztof Dydynski/Lonely Planet Images ©

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Coming soon to a billboard near you is my latest advertisement for the STATEN ISLAND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION.   The photo was unveiled at the all day 13th Annual Staten Island Conference 2011 (www.SiConference.Everbrite.com) which was held in the Hilton Garden Inn. (www.Hilton GardenInn.com)  They actually had it projected in the Trevi Garden while the keynote speakers spoke during the 9-11 am breakfast portion of the event.  Besides the vendors, speakers, politicians and dignitaries, over 2000 attendees guests made their way though the various rooms and seminars and enjoyed all the amenities that S.I. has to offer.  
I had to pull out my best Robert DeNiro impersonation to make the Borough President James Molinaro and Councilman Jim Oddo smile but all it took for NYC Mayor Bloomberg and Conference Sponsor Vincent Ignizio to crack up was a silly David Letterman type joke!

Always a pleasure to work with Cesar Claro, President and CEO of the SIEDC and this time, double the pleasure as it was his personal staff that I photographed.   Below are some of the outtakes which prove how much fun it was... and how much work,  LOL,  I used eight lights and enough wattage to blow out the Veteran's Hall (which we did!!)  Maybe that's why the next shoot for them will be an outside job...


Cars racing on Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indianapolis, Indiana -- Chris Graythen/Getty Images ©

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Eseosa found me on the internet, seems that in the city that never sleeps the only photographer willing to work all night is yours truly.   Time was when no one would come to Staten Island and I would actually have to rent a studio in NYC to get work done!  Now more and more clients are seeking me out and THAT'S JUST GREAT BY ME!