Saturday, December 26, 2009

Will you MARRY me?

Dominick found me on He was planning his proposal to Heather on Christmas Eve at Silver Lake Park in Staten Island NY- My Studio happens to be the closest and when he saw the other proposals on my blog, the deal was done!
With a model as a decoy I was just another photographer on the bridge till he popped the question- she didn't turn him down and a happy ending was had by all!
(What a Christmas present!)

Books make GREAT gifts!!

Around this time of year there are always a few books coming out that feature my artwork, photos and/or stories about me. At the last book signing ( I met PHADE who also graduated from the High School of Art & Design ( but 7 years after me) The project he just finished is a 20 foot canvas for THE HIP HOP CULTURE CENTER in Harlem NY at the Magic Johnson Theater. ( The artwork needs to be photographed before he presents it to them cause they will cut it up in sections, frame it and have it go up and down their staircase.
So off I went to the Grand Concourse in the Bronx. The building the Art was in also housed the Love Gospel Assembly Church and a Soup Kitchen! ( apon examining the painting I noticed my name among the other names of people who influenced society so I asked him if he put that there after he met me - he said no- he knew of me from school, my art and presence has stayed around long after I did!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Another day at work with the great baby photographer Terry Geerdts. This time in a Park Ave apartment location. (
A call came in from my old friend Chris Lee to catch his Dad conducting his big band at the Knitting Factory. ( Sure we'll go, we're already in the city and haven't been there since 2002 when we played the Big Room as the Ex Vandals- WHAT!?! The Knitting Factory is no longer in Manhattan! It's now in Brooklyn- Sheese!
We picked up my best friend Phil who is a masterful musician (and the person who got me to play) Chris is also known as SHADOW and might know Phil as CHOPPER. We got our times wrong, arrived early but fine with me- I used to cut High School and boldly walk into the Beacon Theater ( with my cameras blazing to to mingle and photograph The Kinks, Robin Trower, Kiss, Allman Brothers etc back in the day-! I love sound checks, I fondly recall the years I spent at the Blue Note ( photographing the jazz greats at those sound checks!

Heralding an unmistakable and poignant Brooklyn sound, Bill Lee and the natural Spiritual Orchestra has been swingin' for three decades. Mr Lee's Natural Spiritual orchestra is comprised of 20 NYC's finest jazzmen and jazzwomen, playing an intriguing range of all original compositions that exude the grit, humanity, color and soul of Brooklyn. ( This is an ensemble capable of truly stirring musical expression and a delight for all fortunate enough to behold. Band leader and composer Bill Lee is a formidable icon in both his bass playing prowess ( performing and/or recording with the likes Odetta, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, Johnny Griffin and Duke Ellington to name a few) and his gifted composers pen, scoring his son, Spike Lee's films: She's Gotta Have It, School Daze, Do The Right Thing and Mo'Better Blues.
Chris is Spike's brother, I never got to meet Spike- it seems I'm mostly drawn to siblings of famous people. That's OK, I find my friends to be very unique
and talented. I also know Arlene Gottfried (sister of the comedian Gilbert) and Enid Faber (sister of Robert, I do want to thank Robert for coming to see my exhibition at years ago but that was the only time I met him...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fall Kaleidoscope

Fall colors on the Umpqua River in Douglas County Oregon. The reflections were absolutely gorgeous. It was like being inside a kaleidoscope.

Fall Kaleidoscope3

Fall Kaleidoscope2

Fall Kaleidoscope1