Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Prayers Needed

UPDATE... thank you! thank you! thank you! The judge hardly even considered the change of custody because there were no grounds for making a change. Even though we knew this was how it had to go, this has still been hanging over us for months and its soooo good to have it over with. Thanks so much for your prayers and thoughts.


Hi Blogger friends

I'm asking for prayers from those of you who pray. My daughter's ex has asked the courts for full custody of my grandson and tomorrow is the trial. My mind knows there is no chance this could happen but my heart won't let me stop thinking of all the what ifs and worse case sceneros. My daughter is a very good mother and there are no grounds for this case. Her attorney tells us not to worry but that doesn't make me less of a basket case tonight.

Please send prayers and good wishes our way tonight and tomorrow morning.

Raymon and Christy
Raymon and Christy

Thanks so much