Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Playing With Daisies

I Just had a few minutes to grab a shot this afternoon so I went out to the yard and picked a small daisy. I haven't used my macro lens for awhile so stuck the daisy stem in a hole in my fence to get a few close up shots. The flower head is about a half inch across.

I decided to try something I have heard others talk about but have never tried myself. I reversed the lens on my camera, holding it in place while shooting. You can get an attachment that will hold the lens in place but I don't have one.

I didn't use a tripod and trying to hold the lens in place and focus was quite a challenge so the images aren't sharp but I was amazed at how much closer you can get using this method.


And then, of course, I had to play with them in Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop.


I used another daisy with a little pink on it for this extra close shot.

daisy close

I'll be trying this experiment again.