Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Courtship

I'm doing two posts today because I fell asleep and didn't get one posted yesterday.

This story has to have multiple photos. My apologies to Salty and others with slow connections.

Today I was at the Wildlife Safari and this little black buck was really strutting his stuff trying to get the female to pay attention to him.
bb Approach

He flirted shamelessly...
The Flirt

...and even tried a few tricks... but to no avail.
Black Buck Tricks

Even the sika deer ignored him
Sika Deer Ignoring a Black Buck

and the little female walked off with the buck following after.
Black Buck Rebuff

Eventually the female DID allowed the male to share her salt lick. Sometimes a guy just has to settle for what he can get.
Black Buck Sharing Salt Lick