Monday, September 3, 2007

Chained Rock and Grandsons

My daughter recently visited Kentucky and came back with some amazing photos so I thought I'd post some of them here.

This is the legend of the Chained Rock

Some children of Pineville, Kentucky were having troubles sleeping at night because they were afraid that the large rocks that loomed over Pineville on Pine Mountain would break free and come tumbling down the mountain and smashing into Pineville. Well, the parents of these children invented the story that the rocks were chained to the mountain so the children wouldn't worry and sleep. Before long the story of the chained rock spread to neighboring communities and people started showing up in town inquiring about the locality of the chained rock. So as a publicity stunt,
in 1933, the rock was "chained" to the nearby cliff.

The steel chain is 101 feet long, spans 75 feet and weighs 1 1/2 tons. Each 4- by 6-inch link weighs 4 1/2 pounds. They are made of steel and are 1 3/8 inches thick.
It was acquired from a quarry in Virginia and was moved up the mountain by mules, Kiwanis Club members, local Boy Scouts and the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Chained Rock

This is my grandson Raymon on the left, my daughter Christy on the right and my new grandson Alex who I have yet to meet in the middle.

Chained Rock