Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Florney Valley Red Barn

I have posted this red barn before, but not with this tall grass.

Florney Valley Red Barn

This is a post from Oct 2006. I see they cut down the bush on the left and traded the wood fence post for metal. I much prefer the wood but I'm sure the new one will last much longer.

It was 108 here yeaterday. That is almost unheard of for this area. It only got to 103 today. Sheesh! I am not loving this heat wave. But then I work in a nice cool office and have a nice cool home.

I am concerned about of the homeless folks in the area. They are warning people to stay indoors out of the heat, but when you have no "indoors" thats pretty hard. Yesterday some of the staff where I work took a van around with cold water, ice and sun screen to pass out to anyone they found needing some relief. They will continue to do this as long as this heat wave lasts.

I'm headed up to Salem for a meeting tomorrow and will be back Friday evening. I'm hoping for a greatly air conditioned meeting room and hotel room.