Friday, December 15, 2006

Face Rock in Bandon

Legend has it (from the Nah-So-Mah tribe) that Ewanua, a beautiful Indian princess was visiting tribes along the coastline with her father, Chief Siskiyou. While the local tribes lived in constant fear of Seatka, the evil spirit of the ocean, Ewanua and the other members of her mountain-born tribe held no fear of the evil one. Following a great feast set in celebration of their visit, Euwana carried her pets (one dog and a mother cat and her kittens) out to the edge of the sea with her before swimming far out from shore.

All of a sudden, a fearsome creature grabbed her, and Komax, her dog, fearing for Ewanua's life swam out into the dark water and bit Seatka. Hurt and furious with the animal, Seatka kicked off the dog and threw it, along with the cat and her kittens, out into the sea. Filled with rage over losing her beloved pets and knowing the power that lay in Seatka's eyes, Ewanua from then on, refused to look directly at him. Today, she lies in the ocean, looking skyward, continuing her refusal to look into Seatka's eyes, who sits nearby. Her beloved Komax, her cat and the kittens lie to the west of her, waiting in vain for their mistress to arise from the cold ocean.

The rock shaping the face of Ewanua is now called Face Rock

Since pod was the first one to say this looked like a face I declare him the winner :) Pod if you send me an email with your address I will mail you your prize. Yay POD!!

I was very sure everyone would know it looks exactly like a face. Once you see it, you can't see it any other way.

These rocks are the dog, cat and kittens of the brave Indian Princess

dog and kittens copy