Thursday, November 13, 2008

Peace in The Valley

Our Agency has an office in a neighboring county, Josephine County, and yesterday I went down to help interview applicants for a job opening. I started down a hill just before I got to Grants Pass, Oregon and was totally blown away by the scene before me. Luckily there was a wide spot next to the freeway and I parked quickly and stood in awe looking at this valley filled with fog.

It was an emotional experience for me and I was literally moved to tears by the beauty. I was so moved that for a few minutes I forgot to grab my camera. Once I started shooting I was like a wild woman trying to get as many shots as I could in the short time I had left. It was very hard to get back in the car and drive away. I wanted to stay and watch the fog lift but would have been late for my meeting.
There is no water in this valley, this is all fog. I will be posting more shots in the next few days. This beauty that God created is too perfect not to share.
Oh, there IS a sky up there but it’s hard to tell where it ends and the mountains and fog begin. :)


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