Saturday, June 11, 2011

Contemplation...aka A Walk By The Fishing Hole

When I decided I was ready to start working on my blog again, I thought about what I wanted to post.. what photos? It seems like I have been doing this for so long that there isn't a barn, old building, bridge, farm etc, that I haven't already shot.. and posted. Whats new? What haven't I already shot?

Then this morning I went fishing with my family

While they were "attempting" to catch a fish, I took my camera and walked down the road

I was amazed at the things I saw.. I can't believe how much I had lost my "photographer's eye" in the year or so since I has stopped taking photos... I had also stopped paying real attention to all the beautiful things around me... I had forgotten that the beauty of my rural Oregon isn't made up only of waterfalls and mountains and valleys and rivers and barns and fields and grazing animals.. but also of tiny wild flowers and insects and twigs and pebbles and moss and streams...

So.. even though I may have photographed all the barns and old buildings in the county.. there are lots of little flowers and bugs beside those barns and old buildings that are calling my name :)

First I spotted this tiny pink flower. I believe its a type of wild rose

and I fell in love with this old barbed wire fence with daisies growing by it. I did some playing around in Photo Shop with this one.